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Siemens xTronic® Electric Range, Stainless Steel Stove

Siemens xTronic® Ranges


Fast and easy meals on weekends. Slow and complex on weekdays.

Some people prefer gas cooking. Some prefer electric. Some prefer the best of both. But one thing just about everyone agrees on is a perfectly roasted Hoisin-Ginger Chicken.
Siemens xTronic®  Gas Range, HG2528UC
Gas Range
Siemens xTronic®  Dual Fuel Range, HE2528U
Electric Range
Siemens xTronic®  Electric Range, HD2528U
Dual Fuel Range
Siemens 30 Over-the-Range Microwave/Ventilation, HF36V305, Siemens Microwave Ventilation
30" Over-the-Range Micro/Ventilation

Siemens xTronic® Ranges

Which appliance should you buy? And other things to think of when you’re looking at a Siemens xTronic® range.

Following is a list of Siemens xTronic® ranges, along with one good reason to buy each. Of course, there are lots more reasons to buy each range, along with the many other home appliances Siemens has created. We hope you’ll take a look at this quick list, and find it worth your time to learn more.

xTronic® Convection Gas Range HG2528UC What makes one gas range better than another? Intelligence. Siemens xTronic® gas ranges feature it in abundance. Thoughtful innovations throughout make the xTronic® gas range the gas range for people who demand the right recipe of performance and style. An excellent example of Siemens thinking is our threeD Surround Convection™ cooking. We improved traditional convection cooking by adding a heating element that rings the convection fan. The hot convection air increases thermal efficiency and improves cooking performance. We then improved performance even further by designing a baffle system that directs the air precisely where we want it directed in the oven cavity, to eliminate hot and cold spots, and to bake your trout almondine more evenly.

xTronic® Convection Electric Range HE2528U It’s hard to walk into a store and be able to see the difference in electric ranges. The Siemens xTronic® electric range offers something you might not notice at first, but you’ll notice it while you’re cooking. It’s a Keep Warm setting on every element. Other manufacturers offers a Keep Warm setting, but not the way Siemens does. The typical way to achieve a Keep Warm setting is to decrease the power, which decreases the maximum power, too. In other words, the lowest setting is lower, but the highest setting is lower, too. Siemens devised a way to decrease the power at the lowest setting, without affecting the highest setting. The result is an increased power range, and the flexibility to add Keep Warm capability on every element, instead of on just one single, dedicated element.

xTronic® Convection Dual Fuel Range HD2528U
The advantage of a dual fuel range is you get the best of both worlds. Siemens combined our responsive gas cooktop with our precision electric oven, featuring our threeD Surround Convection™ cooking. The result is the ultimate range for those who love to cook, for those who are in a hurry, and for those who love to cook in a hurry.

30" Over-the-Range Combination Microwave Oven / Ventilation Hood HF36V305 The perfect solution for your Siemens range. Siemens combines a powerful microwave oven with an efficient ventilation hood, all in one space-saving unit.


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