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Siemens ultraSense® and ultraStack™ Washers and Dryers


Wash and dry at home. Look amazing everywhere.

Siemens washers and dryers feature patented technology that can wash and dry clothes you never thought could be cleaned at home. You can now wear your favorite silk shirt, even if you discover it’s dirty the night before you need it.
 27 Siemens  ultraSense® Washers, WFXD5202UC, Siemens Washers and Dryers
27" Washer
27 Siemens ultraSense® Gas Dryer, WFXD5202UC, Siemens Washers and Dryers
27" Gas Dryer
27 Siemens ultraSense® Electric Dryer, WTXD5322US, Siemens Washers and Dryers
27" Electric Dryer
24 Siemens Stackable Washer, WM10S160UC, with Optional 11 Pedestal, WZ20460, Siemens Washers and Dryers
24" Stackable Washer
24 Stackable Condensation Dryer, WT46E300US, with Optional 11 Pedestal, WZ20460, Siemens Washers and Dryers
24" Stackable Condensation Dryer
24 Stackable Vented Dryer, WT36V100US, with Optional 11 Pedestal, WZ20460, Siemens Washers and Dryers
24" Stackable Vented Dryer

Siemens ultraSense® and ultraStack™ Washers and Dryers

Reasons to think of a Siemens clothes washer or dryer.

So many washers. So many dryers. But which one? Obviously, you’re looking for high-performance clothes washers and dryers. But which high-performance washer and dryer combination? You don’t really want to spend the time wading through websites. You just want someone to give you a good reason why you should buy a Siemens washer and dryer.

We have you covered. Below is one good reason why you should buy a Siemens full-size or stackable clothes washer and one good reason why you should buy a Siemens full-size or stackable clothes dryer. Of course, there are many more reasons than these to buy them, as well as the many other home appliances that Siemens has created. We hope after you review the reasons below, you’ll find it worth your time to learn more.

ultraSense® Clothes Washer WFXD5202UC Should you wash your cycling shorts in warm/warm or warm/cold? What should you set your spin speed to for your hiking socks? You don’t have to worry about any of that with the Siemens washer. The Siemens European front-loading washing machine features specialty wash cycles that let you safely wash virtually everything you own, without having to think about water temperature, spin speed or anything else. Just set the washer to Outdoor cycle, for instance, and let it do all the thinking for you. Other specialty cycles include darkColor™, which thoroughly cleans dark colors without fading them, Sanitary 170˚, woolCare®, Silk/Satin, Hand Wash and speedWash.

ultraSense® Gas or Electric Clothes Dryer WTXD5522UC, WTXD5322UC There isn’t just one reason you should buy an ultraSense® gas or electric dryer. There are 685 reasons. Look at the drum on a Siemens dryer, and you’ll see the back of it is full of holes. Those holes are the keys to safer drying. Our philosophy is to use high air velocity instead of high heat to dry clothes. More moderate temperatures mean clothes dry safer, and higher air velocity means clothes dry more evenly. Siemens intelligence means your clothes will always look their best.

ultraStack™ 24" Stackable Clothes Washer WM10S160UC We packed performance into every cubic inch of the Siemens ultraStack™ compact, stackable 24" washer. Specialty fabric cycles can handle the wardrobes it requires to live a life like yours. 15 wash programs feature 6 specialty cycles: Wool, Hand Wash, Delicates, Intensive, Sanitary, Refresh.

ultraStack™ 24" Stackable Condensation Electric Clothes Dryer WT46E300US The Siemens condensation dryer requires no ducting. That means you can install it in the laundry closet if you want to, or you can put it in your clothes closet if you feel like it. No ducting and no vents to install means unlimited placement options.

ultraStack™ 24" Stackable Vented Electric Clothes Dryer WT36V100US It’s a compact dryer, but only on the outside. The large 3.9 cubic foot capacity can dry 14 pairs of jeans at once. And the 165˚ door swing makes it easy to get them in and out.


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