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Siemens 30” iSlide Electric Cooktop, Black with Stainless Steel Trim

Siemens avantGarde® Cooktops


They’re fast. Simple. And capable of just about anything.

The last thing you want to do after a long day is stand around and watch water boil. Siemens avantGarde® gas, electric and induction cooktops equip the modern kitchen with well-planned features for quick, spontaneous meals.
Siemens 30 avantGarde® touchSlide Electric Cooktop, ET775XUC, Siemens Cooktops
30" Electric Cooktop
Siemens 36 avantGarde® touchSlide Electric Cooktop, ET975XUC
36" Electric Cooktop
Siemens 36 avantGarde® Ceramic Gas on Glass Cooktop, ER94750XUC, Siemens Cooktops
36" Ceramic Gas on Glass Cooktop
Siemens 30 avantGarde® Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop, ER1835XUC, Siemens Cooktops
30" Stainless Gas Cooktop
Siemens 36 avantGarde® Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop, ER1935XUC, Siemens Cooktops
36" Stainless Gas Cooktop
Siemens 30 avantGarde® touchSlide Induction Cooktop, EH775XUC, Siemens Cooktops
30" Induction Cooktop
Siemens 36 avantGarde® touchSlide Induction Cooktop, EH977XUC, Siemens Cooktops
36" Induction Cooktop

Siemens avantGarde® Cooktops

Here’s why you should buy a Siemens cooktop.

You’re busy. We understand. Following is a list of Siemens cooktops, with a reason why you should buy them. Of course, there are more reasons to buy each cooktop, and after you review this list, you’ll find it worth your time to learn more.

30" avantGarde® Electric Cooktop ET7752UC How did Siemens make easy even easier? The innovative touchSlide® control on our avantGarde® electric cooktop means no knobs to turn and no buttons to push. Just slide your finger in the touchSlide® groove to make instant and precise temperature adjustments. And in addition to contibuting to the avantGarde® electric cooktop’s sophisticated looks (and therefore your kitchen’s looks), the lack of knobs and buttons makes cleanup simple.

36" avantGarde® Electric Cooktop ET9752UC Another thing our avantGarde® electric cooktops offer is a Keep Warm setting. Yes, other manufacturers offer a keep warm element, too, but we offer that capability on every single element. Typically, other manufacturers design a dedicated keep warm element with a limited power output. Siemens engineered a way to decrease the power output on the lower end, without decreasing it on the upper end. The result is a Siemens heating element that lets you use any element on the cooktop as a keep warm element, and lets you move pots and pans to whichever element you want.

36" avantGarde® Ceramic Gas on Glass Cooktop ER947501UC Yes, the avantGarde® ceramic glass gas cooktop has an abundance of power in the form of a 19,100 BTU wok burner, but let’s face it, this cooktop is all about drop-dead gorgeous design. The continuous grates arch gracefully over liquid, black glass, and the thin stainless trim adds just the right amount of subtle sophistication. You have to see this cooktop in person to appreciate it.

30" avantGarde® Stainless Gas Cooktop ER18353UC The 30" avantGarde® stainless steel gas cooktop is a compact cooktop with maximum space. And actually, two features contribute to that. The controls are in the front, instead of on the side, so cooking width is maximized. And the intelligent placement of the burners allows you to use your largest pots and pans at the same time as your smallest ones, without the big pot crowding your other pots and pans off the stove.

36" avantGarde® Stainless Gas Cooktop ER19350UC You like power? So do we. And with the Siemens 36" avantGarde® stainless steel gas cooktop, we give you power in abundance. The large triple-flame burner gives you 15,500 BTUs of power, so you can deep sear, boil quickly and cook however you want. Power never tasted so good.

30" avantGarde® Induction Cooktop EH7752UC Induction cooktops are the number one cooktops found in European kitchens, and Siemens is the number one brand of built-in appliances in Europe. And the one thing we’d like to point out about them is their speed. In a nutshell, induction cooking works by using electro-magnetic fields to turn the metal pot or pan itself into the heating element. It heats evenly, and gets hot 25% faster than gas cooktops and 60% faster than electric cooktops. That means you can eat up to 25% or 60% sooner.

36" avantGarde® Induction Cooktop ET9772UC Obviously, the 36" avantGarde® induction cooktop shares the speed of the 30" avantGarde® induction cooktop. Another thing they have in common is safety. The only way you can get burned when using a Siemens induction cooktop is by touching a hot pot or pan. Even when an element is turned to full power, it won’t burn you if there’s no metal pot or pan on it. The Siemens induction cooktop also senses mass, so if you’re wearing a metal bracelet or ring, it won’t activate the cooktop. Even safety is intelligent with Siemens.


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