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27" ultraSense Washer

Product Highlights
Siemens ultraSenseョ Washer, WFXD5202UC, White, WZ20395, Pedestal
Siemens washers and dryers feature patented technology that can wash and dry clothes you never thought could be cleaned at home. You can now wear your favorite silk shirt, even if you discover it痴 dirty the night before you need it.
Models Available
  WFXD5202UC 27" ultraSense® White
    WZ20395 Pedestal
Key Benefits Specifications Dimensions/Manuals
Specialty Cycles, Washing Cycles   darkColor Cycle, Laundry Wash   Outdoor Wear Cycle, Siemens Washing Machine
Specialty Cycles The Siemens ultraSenseョ washer features an array of cycles engineered to carefully wash each of the many garments hanging in your closet.   darkColor Cycle Any washer can get dark colors clean. But the Siemens ultraSenseョ washer gets dark colors clean without fading them.   Outdoor Wear Cycle Today痴 new fabrics demand a modern solution. Precision-controlled wash cycles make sure your cycling clothes are perfectly clean and ready for another workout.
170˚ Sanitary Cycle, Sanitary Clean Washer   Extra Large Capacity Drum, Wash Clothes   Extra Large Door Opening, Clean Clothes Washer
170˚ Sanitary Cycle There痴 nothing like slipping between freshly washed and dried sheets. With Siemens, your bedding and towels don稚 just look clean, they are clean.   Extra Large Capacity Drum You can easily wash 27 towels at once or a king-size comforter. The huge stainless steel drum can handle it.   Extra Large Door Opening We thought that if we were going to make a drum that can wash a king-size comforter, we壇 better make a huge door opening for easy loading and unloading.
Durable, Front Loading Washing Machine   Energy Star Qualified, Best Washer, Energy Saving   Optional Pedestal, Laundry Care Storage
Durable You only want to do this once every decade or two. Siemens washers are tested to last at least 4,000 washes. And every single washer is run-tested before it leaves our factory.   Energy Star Qualified With a Siemens washer, you get better cleaning without giving up efficiency. The ultraSenseョ washer saves water. It saves power. It saves money.   Optional Pedestal The optional pedestal provides handy storage underneath, and also makes loading and unloading wet, heavy clothes easier on your back.

27" ultraSense Washer

An unexpectedly good evening. Brought to you by the Siemens 27" ultraSenseョ washer.

You can稚 remember the last time you were so nervous before a date. Maybe high school? Well, in any event, he痴 finally asked you out. And in only 30 more minutes, he値l be knocking on your door. So you decide to have a glass of wine while you池e waiting, and...oh no! You spilled it all over your dress! And since you didn稚 have time to do laundry this week, you have nothing else to wear. So what do you do? You have no choice. You throw it in your Siemens ultraSenseョ washing machine (WFXD5202UC).

You have implicit trust in your Siemens ultraSenseョ washing machine. The fact that your dress is silk doesn稚 mean you have to run down to the dry cleaner. Your Siemens clothes washer features specialty wash cycles and 15 wash cycles overall. Each cycle is engineered to thoroughly and safely clean nearly everything in your clothes closet, your linen closet or on your bed.

Specialty wash cycles include Outdoor, darkColor (which thoroughly cleans dark colors without fading them), Sanitary 170˚, woolCareョ, Silk/Satin, Hand Wash and speedWash.

Temperatures are precisely controlled by an internal heater. Water is heated to the optimum temperature for each type of clothing at just the right time in the wash or rinse cycle. In fact, since soap won稚 break down and clean properly in water colder than 60 degrees, the incoming water is heated to the proper degree of cold.

The Siemens washing machine is simple to use, too. Just select your cycle and start it. A network of digital sensors automatically controls every aspect of the wash, including determining water level, adding water if there痴 too much soap, and scanning the wash water for particulates and adding up to three rinse cycles if necessary.

With its large capacity, you can wash all your similar items at the same time. It痴 large enough to wash your king-size comforter if you happen to spill ice cream on it while watching a classic movie late one sleepless night. And the huge stainless steel drum and large 16" door opening make loading and unloading it easy.

While your dress is washing in your Siemens ultraSenseョ washer, you hear the much-anticipated knock at your door. He痴 not quite sure why you池e wearing a sweat shirt when you open the door, but then laughs when he hears the reason. He suggests renting a movie and ordering some Chinese food instead of what he had planned. After all, he says, you two can always do that next weekend. At that point, you realize that the evening hasn稚 even started, and it痴 already turned out perfectly.

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