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30" avantGardeョ Chimney Hood

Product Highlights
30 Siemens Ventilation Chimney Hood, LC479050UC, Stainless Steel
Keep the air clear and the smoke alarms silent. A Siemens ventilation hood will complement your cooktop beautifully.
Models Available
  LC479050UC Stainless Steel
Key Benefits Specifications Dimensions/Manuals
Powerful Ventilation, Strong Hood, High Performance Vent   Extremely Quiet Ventilation Fan, 54 dBA hood   Dishwasher-Safe Filters, Stainless Hood,
Powerful Ventilation Designed for use with any cooktop, the avantGardeョ chimney hood features a powerful three-speed 400 cfm fan. Grill the fajitas to your heart痴 content.   Extremely Quiet You should never have to shout over the noise of your fan. The avantGardeョ chimney hood is an extremely quiet 52 dB.   Dishwasher-Safe Filters High-efficiency dishwasher-safe filters make cleanup easy. No more soaking them in your sink and leaving that gooey, hard-to-clean ring around your sink.
Sleek European Design, Siemens Kitchen Ventilation Systems        
Sleek European Design To us, the form is as important as the function. A Siemens appliance should look inspirational. It should perform flawlessly. And the meals it helps you prepare should taste amazing.        

30" avantGardeョ Chimney Hood

A nice, calm evening. By the Siemens 30" avantGardeョ chimney ventilation hood.

When a long, tough day comes to a close, what do you want to do? Would you like to to hear the smoke alarm going off as you池e cooking? At the end of the long, tough day, do you want to take a nice bath, then put your head down on your sauteed garlic-scented pillow?

Maybe what you壇 prefer to do is rely on a Siemens avantGardeョ chimney ventilation hood (LC479050UC).

A powerful 400 cfm ventilation fan ensures that the smoke goes up the vent, rather than toward the smoke alarm, or floating on up to your bedroom. You can cook the chicken with extra-virgin olive oil and garlic in your grandmother痴 smoky cast iron skillet, or cook a pan full of scallops without fear.

When it痴 time to clean the grease from many a delectable feast off the filters, you can simply pop them in the dishwasher. No need for soaking or scrubbing. And no greasy ring around the inside of your sink.

And while you want the vent hood to remove smoke and odor efficiently, you don稚 want it to remove conversation. The avantGardeョ chimney ventilation hood is a very quiet 52 dB. That痴 about 8 dB below normal conversation levels, so you can rest assured you値l be able to hear your guests from the living room as you池e busy in the kitchen.

Of course, the innovative kitchen technology that痴 designed into the avantGardeョ chimney ventilation hood is intended to be part of one of the most sophisticated kitchens in the world: yours. Siemens appliances are the number one built in appliances in Europe. They池e ready to be the number one appliances in your home, as well.

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